The Peterson Practice

The Old Rectory Clinic,

High Street,

Iron Acton,

South Glos.  BS37 9UQ

T: 01454 300191


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What is Hypnosis?

When most people in South Glos. or Bristol, UK think of hypnosis, they envision someone waving a watch in front of someone's facing telling them that they will get sleepy, very, very sleepy. Thanks to stage shows, people then think that a hypnotist will have them do ridiculous things in this trance-like state. However, this is not what hypnosis is. During hypnosis, you are not put to sleep. Rather, you are put in a very alert, focused space, where your mind is open and you are able to concentrate on one specific things. A hypnotist is then able to place ideas in your head that will help you with the obstacle you are seeking to overcome, such as telling you that you are not hungry if you are looking to lose weight. To learn more about hypnosis and how it can benefit you, contact The Peterson Practice Hypnotherapy.


What to Look for In a Hypnotist

Odds are, you have never worked with a hypnotist before, as this is not someone the everyday person works with frequently.. As such, if you are looking to work with one for the first time, you may have no idea what you should look for before making an appointment with one. When you are looking to work with a hypnotist, a few of the factors that you should look for include being registered and licensed, what their training and education is, how much experience they have and what types of hypnotherapy services they offer. Some hypnotists focus on one key area, such as stress relief, weight loss or pain relief. Find a hypnotist who is experienced and has a focus on the area that you are looking to target through hypnotherapy. When you are ready to book an appointment, give The Peterson Practice Hypnotherapy a call today.