Hypnotherapy for Fear and Phobias

It is perfectly rational to have fear of real danger, however irrational fears and phobias are generally the product of anxiety.  The subconscious mind can translate anxieties into an irrational fear and the brain responds by trying to keep us safe and creates a fearful association onto something that we don't need or want it too even if we know that the fear is ridiculous.  

Hypnotherapy is a very effective way of changing these fear associations. It allows us the opportunity to change your thoughts at a subconscious level and with your mind in a deep state of relaxation will allow you to build more helpful though patterns.

Whether it is a fear of flying, fear of giving a presentation or even a phobia of cotton wool balls, I have probably heard it before and can help you to overcome the challenges and help you to successfully move forwards with your life. 

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