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Self Injury Awareness Day

March 1st marks National Self Injury Awareness Day and as a local hypnotherapist I am keen to help anyone who self-harms to deal with their underlying emotional issues. MIND The mental health charity recognises Hypnotherapy as one of the talking therapies that can help those that suffer.

Self-harming or self-injury is when someone deliberately hurts themselves physically to deal with the emotional pain they are suffering. The sufferer may be feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with life; self-injury can sometimes even make the sufferer feel that it provides a release from the excessive stress. Some may feel numb and disconnected from life; self-injury can restore a feeling of being ‘real’ or alive.

The underlying emotional pain can be caused by issues such as low self-esteem, trauma or perfectionism and these are anxiety related issues which can be helped by hypnotherapy.

Self-harming seems to offer a release from emotional distress. By helping clients to deal with the distress that triggers the self-harming, they are better able to cope and can develop a more helpful perspective on life.

There are many misconceptions around self-harm and who does it, why and how, but in fact people of both sexes and all ages, races and backgrounds harm themselves.

I practise Solution Focused Hypnotherapy which means that, rather than analysing the root cause of problems, I help clients to move towards their preferred future. We help clients imagine how they would prefer to behave in response to stressful situations. Visualising a more helpful response enables the clients’ subconscious to form a more helpful pattern of behaviour. Gradually clients find they are better able to cope with situations that would previously have caused them distress.”