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Some Symptoms of Depression are Physical

Most people think of depression as being purely in the mind. However over the years research has shown that depression can often start to cause or contribute to physical symptoms that can then continue to feed the feeling of being low and depression. Too often written off as unexplained we now understand that there are many physicals symptoms that can all be the result of depression. All of these can cause suffering in their own right although if you some or all of these your first stop should be your GP to check out for anything else.

Fatigue or Tiredness - It has long been recognized that Fatigue or Chronic Tiredness is one of the most common symptoms of depression. Depression-related fatigue is more than just feeling tired. Dr. Maurizio Fava, who wrote this article in 'Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience' identifies that Depression can cause fatigue which may cause "reduced activity, low energy, tiredness, decreased physical endurance, increased effort to do physical tasks, general weakness, heaviness, slowness" and more.

Headaches - Sometimes a regularly throbbing head is a sign of a tension headache which can be caused by the head and neck muscles being too tense. I often see clients who are clinically depressed and have these type of tension headaches. Of course depression isn't the only cause of unexplained headaches and if you are suffering in this way then you should definitely get this checked out. If it is depression then read on...

Digestive Problems and Change in Appetite - You probably are aware that emotions can influence your digestive system, think about the butterflies in your stomach ! When you have depression you might develop diarrhea, constipation or regularly feel nauseous. If you are suffering mental stress and these symptom come out of nowhere then its a good possibility that they originate from the same cause of stress. During my practice as a hypnotherapist I have seen client who are suddenly hungry all of the time or lose there appetite completely.

Insomnia - Not getting enough sleep is simply annoying if it happens once in a while, but insomnia has a significant effect on your well-being. It is not uncommon for some people who are clinically depressed to oversleep from associated fatigue, it's also common to have trouble falling asleep. If you can't get enough sleep, it could be caused by something other than depression, but it's definitely something to keep in mind when you chat with a medical professional.

Aches and Pains - Aces and pains are often written off as signs of age or a symptom of a virus like the flu, but if you have body aches that come from nowhere, it could be a sign of depression. Whether it's an ache in your chest or just sore muscles, depression has been linked to physical aches.

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