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Anxiety and Depression are more common than thought

More people than ever are suffering from Anxiety and Depression in the UK than ever. For example the charity Action for Children surveyed over 5500 teenagers and concluded that more than 32% were suffering from mental health troubles such as negative feelings, depression or inability to focus.

Of the 32% that were experiencing problems the most common issues were feelings of anxiety, depression including inability to sleep, broken sleep and the inability to ‘shake off’ negative feelings. Often they found it hard to ‘get going’ and could not focus or that everything was an effort even with the help and support of friends and family.

Julie Bentley, Action for Children’s Chief Executive commented “It’s troubling that so many people are dealing with issues of depression and anxiety, and all too often alone,” . The results indicate that mental health problems are more widespread in young people than previous research has found. It is also the case that this appears to be a reflection of the general health of the adult population, although adults often find it harder to identify the issues or find it difficult to talk about stress and anxiety.

Concerns have been growing that NHS services are unable to cope with the continuing rise in demand for mental health care and that many are either being forced to wait over 18 months for treatment or being denied it altogether.

I see many people suffering from anxiety, low mood and depression and I never fail to be amazed at how quickly psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can help clients to turn their life around. The first step is seeking change and when you are ready why not send me an email or call me and we can start to get you to where you want to be.

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