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World Champion Boxer from Bristol used Hypnotherapy to win

Glenn Catley from Chipping Sodbury aspired to become a World Champion Boxer. His amazing tenacity was rewarded when he became WBC, Boxing World Champion in the Super Middleweight Division in 2000.

Glen freely admits that he was not the best boxer but he recognized that if he trained his body hard then he should be training his mind too. Glen's inspiration was to gain a psychological advantage over his opponent by harnessing the power of hypnotherapy. Against all of the odds and the negative forecasting pundits, Glenn proved that his biggest asset in the ring was his mind. Glen's success lay with trance state visualisation where for weeks leading up to each fight he would be guided through a mental picture of his fight and exactly the strategies that he was going to use to win. This pattern of winning became so ingrained that it was second nature and then became reality.

If you are looking to improve your game, at work or in sport and gain the competitive advantage then why not talk to me about the use of trance state visualisation, along with general anxiety – whatever your goals if you feel you need the competitive edge, contact me to find out how I can help you.

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