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Does talking about your anxiety make it worse ?

Anxiety includes Social Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Fears and phobias, OCD, as well as generalised anxiety disorder and the normal advise is to see a therapist.

However many clients come to me after months or even years of formal and informal therapies where they have spent hours talking about the problems and associated anxieties. Some clients have seen a variety of therapists whilst delving into past traumas or childhood issues, looking for triggers and the roots of emotional issues by going back to the past.

Of course this can work for some people but as one client recently told me “Every session I came away feeling as if I had lived through the trauma again and again. I felt that I needed some respite before I could start to move forward again”. Anxiety which isn’t resolved using this approach will often lead to depression and self-medication via alcohol and drugs. This inevitably seems to create other physical health problems and a viscous circle of comorbid issues.

The good news is that forward looking therapies including Clinical Hypnotherapy has increasingly been found to limit the continual trauma, helps clients to control the underlying anxieties and to move forwards in a positive way towards a future in the absence of the challenges in their mental health.

Hypnotherapy is a little bit different from other talking therapies in that we focus on the solution rather than the problem. And because we focus on moving forward rather than ruminating on the past, positive change can be fast, effective and long lasting.

As one of my recent clients remarked “ I saw Peter when I was depressed and suffering from Anxiety. He helped me understand what was going on and gave me the tools to move forward”

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