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The Truth about Stress

The latest research advises that there is a mismatch between the way in which we are programmed to deal with stress, i.e. to freeze or to run and to fight, and the kinds of stress that we now face in our modern lives.

Small amounts of stress keep our bodies in a super alert state to deal with whatever life throws at us. However too much stress means that the rational part of the brain is hijacked by the primal part and our ability to think clearly becomes overwhelmed by our emotional response.

This means that we can lose control triggering an emotional outburst or a complete meltdown. Acute stress now and then is fairly normal but when we are constantly stressed, it can lead to the over production of cortisol. Also known as the steroid hormone Cortisol has an effect on our blood sugar levels to give us more energy.

When we are chronically stressed, our Cortisol tap is turned on all of the time, and this can have a serious effect on our health. It weakens our immune system, making us more vulnerable to disease. It increases our blood pressure which puts a strain on our arteries, and can lead to heart disease. And its been linked to serious mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.

I specialise in treating stress related anxiety and depression and have found that the integration of a range of these therapeutic approaches to be the most efficient and rapid way to create long term change in my clients helping them to move back towards a more meaningful and happier life. If you would like to find out more or book an initial assessment then please contact me.

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