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Is Brexit or Austerity affecting your Mental Health

Rates of depression and anxiety have increased almost exponentially over the last 10 years and this has been attributed to many different factors including social isolation, financial pressure and the use of social media .

Research released by King’s College London in March 2019 shows that there was a significant increase in the request for prescriptions related to depression after the referendum vote in 2016. In addition the Mental Health charity 'Mind' released a statement citing Brexit and the policies of austerity as contributing factors in the increasing rates of depression in the UK.

Whatever your perspective of the past few years may be, the uncertainties which surround the UK's political situation appears to be causing a large impact on many peoples mental health as well as strains on relationships at home and at work. Recent polls suggested that over 2/3 of people believe that the uncertainty was contributing to their depression or low mood and impacting their mental health.

Anxiety and stress is a normal part of our survival mechanism and helps us to cope in our every day life, however increased pressures can create chronic anxiety and stress and this can manifest itself in everything from lack of sleep to acid-reflux and other symptoms.

So how can you deal more effectively with these levels of stress or anxiety ?

The UK Mental Health Foundation recommends that if anxiety and stress are negatively affecting your life for a period of several weeks, help should be sought. Clinical hypnotherapy can help alleviate feelings of anxiety, depression and stress by rapidly change your thinking patterns, allowing you to see things with a better perspective and clarity.

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