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Young Adults & Teenagers - Resolving Anxiety

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Anxiety in young adults is increasing. How can they manage this anxiety, resolve related issues and flourish.

The frontal lobes of the brain (the part most associated with intellectual processing) are not fully developed until our mid 20's. This means that young brains are much more susceptible to anxiety and stress and because they need to figure out their own answers they are more in need of the right type of support.

The good news is that this is a problem that can be fixed. I use a Solution Focused Hypnotherapy approach with some CBT and NLP - asking open questions that help my clients to figure out what they want and how to get there. For even the most anxious teenager this feels a respectful and supportive approach that enables them to take control of their thoughts and create a better future.

Of all of the talking therapies this can be the most rapid way to help a young person change their mindset and manage their anxiety and stress. More good news is that to affect this change we don't ruminate on the past or look at times when things haven't gone well. We focus on the times when things have gone well and look at what a preferred future would look like.

Sometimes parents and other adults find that young adults can be very hard to help. They know everything and somehow you know nothing. You can see them suffer with anxiety and yet they may not want to discuss it. This is why I focus on the 'Preferred Future' instead of exploring ‘problems’ and looking for reasons. Through these questions we build a full an colourful picture of what the future could look like, - Now we are ready to make a change.

Now we know what the preferred future looks like we work at the small steps that it takes to get their. The skilled, questioning, visualization of the best outcome from our meetings is then reinforced through relaxation and the use of hypnotic language that is designed to provide the right environment for the young mind to look towards the positive future and stimulate healthy mental behaviour.

Young minds are more plastic than adult minds. New wiring and connections are being made and unmade all the time. So what has been learned and is unhelpful, can be unlearned. Whilst new pathways can be made and reinforced and anxiety jettisoned along the way.

Solution Focused therapies are uniquely suited to help young minds create resilience and overcome anxiety related issues, without drugs, and with relative ease.

If you would like to learn more then call me on 01454 300191 or email

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