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Hypnotherapy ‘cures’ food addiction

I often see clients to help them with an addiction to different foods and so I was pleased to see a story in The Guardian recently about hypnotherapy curing a high profile individual of his roast potato addiction.

Guy Hands ex CEO of EMI developed an addition to roast potatoes and gravy. As a diabetic he was aware that this was an unhealthy addiction especially as it elevated his blood sugar to levels that nothing else seemed to. It even got to the point where he would order just roast potatoes and gravy and eat 10 potatoes easily.

Guy recognised that a change was needed and that the product of roast potatoes are not just stored as fat in the body but often have additional high levels of salt and cooking oils. Guy found that hypnotherapy ‘cured’ his addiction and the article is here.

As with most addictions, there is often a whole combination of factors which may lead up to a fixation on or inability to stop eating a particular type of food. These factors then lead to a habit and reliance on a pattern of behaviour which is so ingrained and almost impossible to break. Hypnotherapy can be very helpful when you want to start changing your habits. I can help you achieve a deeply relaxed state and we can work with your subconscious to achieve a different pathway of behaviour.

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